His first ticket towards his Junior Champion -National at Oldenburg April 2011


Results for Shadow in his show career.

30.10.2010 CACIB Leuven / Belgium – puppy class : veel belovend / very promising

11.12.2010 Nationale Kassel / Germany – puppy class : very promising 1

12.12.2010 CACIB Kassel / Germany – puppy class : very promising 1

28.01.2010 CACIB Glogow / Poland  – 1st day in junior class : Exc1 jun CWC

02.04.2011 CACIB Berlin / Germany . junior class : VG1 (under Mr Hochstenbach)

09.04.2011 National Oldenburg / Germany junior class : Exc1 jun CAC

21.05.2011 CAC Bestensee / Germany – junior class : Exc1 jun CAC Junior winner Brandenburg

04.06.2011 CACIB Neumünster / Germany – junior class : Exc1 jun CAC … which finished his German Junior Champion

18.06.2011 CACIB Stettin / Poland – junior class  Exc2

07.07.2011 National Paris / France – junior class Exc4



08.07.2011 WorldDogShow Paris / France – junior class Exc2 (out of 14)


31.07.2011 Nationale Bremen / Germany – indermediate class : VG1 (under Mr G.Kips)

06.08.2011 National Gundog Ass Malvern/UK – junior class : 2nd place (hurra a Crufts Ticket for him)


Thank you judge Mrs Karen Marsh for his placement and critique :

  2 Timmerman, Hill & Muckle’s Some Rock A Fella, close up to one, handsome head & expression, nice neck & shoulders, level topline shown in hard muscular condition & would benefit from a little more weight over his pinbones.

Covered the ground well, free moving although was a little proud of his tail today;

     13.08.2011 CAC Kloster Lehnin / Germany – indermediate class : Exc1 AnwVDH

     27.08.2011 Kampioenshapsclubmatch Netherlands – junior class : Exc1

     18.09.2011 CWC Zielona Gora / Poland – indermediate class : Exc1 CWC

     14.10.2011 CACIB Bundessieger / Germany – junior class : Exc1 junCAC CRUFTS Ticket ‘Bundesjugendsieger 2011’



05.11.2011 First in Yearling at Setter and Pointer Club Championship Show at Coventry in England.


photo courtesy of Mr B Dyde

10.12.2011 Nationale Kassel / Germany – intermediate class :              Exc1 AnwVDH, CAC

His critique

Very happy dog giving a typeful picture

masculine head, full dentition with correct scissor bite

good pigment and correct eye set

lovely arched neck in good length

excellent topline, correct depth of chest

excellent bones

moves with great drive

very lovely temperament ….. Exc1, AnwVDH, CAC


CAC Landessieger Westfalen-Ruhr Essen-Freisenbruch 08.01.2012

Judge : Mr. R. Blessing 

Exc1 anwVDH

Results for Glogow in Poland  29.1.12
Shadow exc1 cwc Cacib


Under judge Mrs J Osborn

competing at Crufts 2012 in Yearling class.


Gordon Setter Club UK Championship Show at Stoneleigh Park 07/04/2012.

What a birthday gift for Mum. I won the Yearling class. Judge Mr Paul Woodland.

Under judge Mr Paul Woodland and Mrs Jean Collins Pitman  we were awarded Best Yearling in Show 2012.


CACIB Lingen 29.04.2012

Judge : Mrs. Wera Huebenthal, Norway

first day in open class : Exc 2 res.AnwVDH, res.CACIB


Shadow was shown on Saturday May 5th …

CAC Bestensee 05.05.2012

Judge : Mrs S. Lohkamp

Shadow handled by Mr. A. Rudloff

Open class Exc2 Res.AnwVDH

CACIB NeuMünster 03.06.2012

Judge : Mr. Peper

big fun


CACIB Stettin / Poland 24.06.2012

judge : Mrs. Malgorzata Wieremiejczky-Wierzchowska(PL)

shown in open class EXC1 CWC

this finished his Polish Championship HURRRAAA

pending the confirmation of ZKwp

ChPL, DtJuch, BJS2011 Some Rock A Fella




It’s official American Kennel Club certificate


Shadow back home in Germany  went out to a show weekend. On Saturday May 4th

Shadow was entered at National Show in Oldenburg under judge Mrs Timmy Ursula Ralfe, ZA

He won his class went on to win best dog and was going BOB.  Pending VDH confirmation he finished his German champion and will be now

       AmCh,Dtch,ChPL,DtJuCh,BJS2011 SomeRock A Fella

0 best of shadow600

It’s official    AmCh,DtCh,ChPL,DtJuCh,BJS2011 Some Rock A Fella,  Derby


Shadow’s results since returning from America