HZP, VGP(1P.), Btr, FT

His career started 1998 in the junior classes, just rarely shown always placed. After he finished all his field exams aged 2 years his show life got the kick. Finishing the German championships in a row, we started showing in some neighbouring countries like Belgium, Denmark and Poland. This brought him the Int.Ch. (FCI) and his pol. Champion title.

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2005 we started to show him overseas and finished in 2006 his AMERICAN CHAMPION  the first ever Gordon Setter from Germany earning this title

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Not only he was successful finishing in USA he showed so well for us at CRUFTS

2005 – under Mr Paul Woodland 2nd in Veteran

2006 – under Mrs Maureen Justice he repeated 2nd in Veteran

2007 – under  Mr John Mawer in his 10th year another placement 4th in Veteran

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2006 he was 9 years and it was really his best show year ever, which he finished in November at the World Dog Show in Poznan / Poland winning the Champion class and getting res.CACIB  res World Winner 2006

At this show his famous daughters out of the Munroc 2004 litter showed their socks off  for him as well

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 USA Murfr.scotsgrey500.


Thank you to all the judges thinking so high during his show time and his team players -Uwe, Richard, Rhonda & Cheryl. As well his big fan club during this fantastic time with him.