December 2021

Gordon Setter Club of Scotland

The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Championship Show 2021

Kinross Polo Club – 13th November 2021

Judge : Mr Michele Ivaldi

Great day for the kids. Thank you to the judge and all our friends around the ring.

GD (3): graduate

1 Newton, Cornum, Timmerman’s Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI) (Imp Aus)

Excellent size, beautiful expression and well shaped eyes, well arched neck on well-placed shoulders balanced with rear angulations, moves very well but still needs to get more body.

MLD (3): mid limit

1 Cops, Whiting’s Locksheath Black Ice (Jago, son of Vito x Summer)

Masculine head with typical expression, excellent shoulders and well-developed body, correct topline and well-set tail. Moves very well and with a good head carriage.

CD (3/1): champion

1 Timmerman, Cornum, Welling’s DT CH/AM CH/BE Munroc Beretta BISS, WW2021 Well balanced and proportioned dog with a nice head and typical expression. Well placed shoulder and good out of neck, correct top line and tail set, good bone and nice feet. Excellent coat for texture, colour and condition. Moves very well and keeps the shape in lateral movement. R.CC

World Dog Show 2021 October – Brno/Czech Republic

A Truly International Affair

Judge for Gordon Setter: Mrs.Ludovica Salomon

Entry: 52 Gordons

What a journey – where shall we begin?

Despite Covid, Jean Collins-Pitman (UK) and I (Germany) agreed on taking the risk and putting in our entries for the WDS before first closing. Entries for Vegas -UK Int Ch and German Ch. Amscot Love Is In The Air JW WW’18, Brando – BISS, Am Ch, Dt Ch, Ch BE Munroc Beretta and StevieG – Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI) (imp Australia) were sent in by Christmas 2020.

With Covid continuing even the WDS entries were closed temporarily for some time to monitor the situation. During this summer travelling restrictions began to relax, and the prospects of being able to travel to the show were looking more likely. I planned on staying in Austria at my brother`s house and drive up 2 hours to Brno exhibition center and give us – my friend Anja, me and the dogs a good rest before and after the show.

About 2 months before the show some excitement came into the game as unexpectedly some good and bad news arrived. The good news: my friend Lyudmila Porotikova (Russia) contacted me asking if I possibly had a dog for her handler Anastasia Goncharova, to be handled in Group 7. As James Newton, one of StevieG’s owners, had warned me that StevieG needed a faster runner in the ring, I happily agreed and booked Anastasia for pre- grooming and handling StevieG. Then, the bad news; due to the UK still being on the ‘Red’ list, it looked unlikely that Jean would be able to travel over to the Czech Rep as originally planned, and so maybe could not attend with Vegas. Then Vegas’ handler, Sarah Loakes´ flight got cancelled too!

Having Anastasia in mind, I offered to take Vegas with me after the UK Darlington show I would be attending shortly. Anastasia was more than pleased to have the honor of handling Vegas, already a World Winner, having taken the title at only 18 months old, in 2018.  Darlington was our first journey to UK since Crufts 2020. Anja and I have really missed our UK Gordon friends for these last one and a half years. What a great day, to meet so many of our Gordon friends, and be able to enter the showground without a mask and have good chats around the ringside.

Due to Brexit the UK has a new system at the pet control station at the Channel Tunnel. Luckily StevieG still had his German EU passport so we had no problem at all to get him through. Jean and her vet had to do all of the crazy 13 pages UK paperwork for Vegas, each page required at least 5 to 10 extra stamps from her vet at the cost of 140 pounds! As we got to the tunnel Sunday afternoon, Brando and StevieG’s checkup did not even take a minute. Then the Pet Control agent looked at Vegas and the 1st page of the 13 colourful pages and asked me to scan the chip. It turned out: Vegas was indeed Vegas! They did not even look at any of the other 12 pages. Handing me back the paperwork they said: “Do me and yourself a favour, get her a German EU passport!” (Which now has been taken care of J). At the French customs, finally, someone wanted to see our human vaccination certificates! Yeah!

The journey through France and Belgium till we reached the Kennedy Tunnel running on 6 lanes into Antwerp, was quiet and relaxed. 100m ahead of the entry to the tunnel we suddenly realized we had a tire puncture on my car! Thankfully we made it into the security lane for rescue and fire brigade vehicles. We were all safe! As a Gold member of the ADAC (similar to AA in UK) we got a service truck sent out to change the tire. Waiting time was kind of fun as he sent a WhatsApp with a link to follow his journey from his garage to us. An hour later he arrived and only 10 minutes later he had our spare tire fixed. As it was different in size to the other 3 tires, we were only allowed to drive at max 100 km/h, which was ok for us as at this time of the night,11:30 PM, The traffic was light, and the highway was more or less free of cars.

Surfing along the Belgium highways, no traffic around us, at just after midnight a terrible noise, the car shaking – luckily, we were able to stop it immediately on the rescue lane to find someone had run into the back of our van! He was trying to reverse and pull away to continue driving! Anja jumped out on the highway to stop his car, which he eventually did. He tried to convince us that he hardly even touched our van. He wished! There was quite considerable damage. The front of his car was more or less gone and my van looked terrible in the back. Our biggest worry were the dogs!  But all 3 of them were safe in their crates and did not show any signs of stress or discomfort. Anja called the Belgium police and I asked our friend Leen van Genechten in Antwerp to stay awake as we were sure to need her help with the police responders, the special rescue they send out, as no people were injured.

Collecting in writing all the details of the other driver with a car registered in the Netherlands took a lot of time. The good thing with my van was that despite the damage, all lights in the back worked, so we were able to continue at least to Anja´s home in Kamp-Lintfort Germany, about 1.5 hours from the place of accident. The next morning we went to the local Mercedes garage to get an idea of what I was dealing with. Well, it was not so good: first estimates on the repair costs were a minimum of Euro 14.000,00. So, I phoned my Mercedes garage explaining what had happened, and asked for a rental “Sprinter” for the trip to WDS. All went well, so the journey to Brno was going to be very comfortable for everyone involved: for the dogs and for us. Meanwhile a lawyer and my garage are working on the repair of my ‘Viano’, hopefully it will be repaired soon. Recently I got the news about the official repair costs: we are talking about Euro 30.000,00!! – which is terrible, because the legal situation with Belgium, Netherlands and Germany is quite complicated and will take time, which will delay the repair work. 

However, let’s return to the to our journey to the WDS 2021. The travel time to my brother’s house was 15 hours on the Wednesday, 29th of September. At World Dog Shows, they often have breed national specialties on different days to the groups and the Czech Rep was no different. But we decided to skip the CACIB show on Thursday as they had changed the judge due to Covid, and I had a gut feeling to withdraw. The videos posted on social media about this judge’s rough handling of dogs on the day proved me right. Not only did they count all the teeth of each exhibit holding the dogs’ mouths uncomfortably wide open, they then went on to work their hands down the throats as many dogs struggled to get away. I have trouble understanding why people do not leave the ring when their dogs get treated this way. There is no doubt some dogs’ show careers will directly be affected, or even ended, as a result of this one judge!

Anja, our dogs and I spent this day relaxing at my brother´s house. We had enough time for bathing and blow drying all 3 of them, and I gave my Brando’s grooming the finishing touch. StevieG and Vegas had to wait till we met Anastasia early in the morning at the showground in Brno. Wouwwouwwouw she did a fantastic job on both of them! And still – one hour before going into the ring and then another 2 hours on the table continuing to prepare Vegas for the main ring. Poor girl!

Judging started at 09:00 sharp and StevieG was first to go into the competition. He looked stunning and moved so well with Anastasia. 6 Gordons in open dog (similar to either PG or limit in UK) he got second, Exc2 and the ResCAC. I am so proud of the baby boy! It was his first show after showing in puppy class at Crufts 2020. Thank you, James, for letting him travel with me. Small breather as the working class was ahead before I had to go in with Brando. Champion class had 5 entries. Brando showed himself off and yes – he won that class with Exc1 CAC. We continued for the CACIB, WW title against the other class winners. The Judge wanted us to have them move on a loose leash, which is Brando´s best way to move anyway. So no leash over ears or high up on the head. And he did it! He won best dog, CACIB and the WW2021 title, ResCACIB went to the working class winner, Jasper Black Ivy. Getting more and more nervous after this, as it was Vegas’ turn to go into the Champion bitch class next with 4 entries and a new handler. Both Anastasia and Vegas are just total pros! Winning the Champion class, Exc1 CAC, they continued their way to best bitch, CACIB, WW2021 title. I was so proud that all worked out as I had dreamed about.

So, we had to go back in the ring for BOB. The Junior winners, the Veteran winners and Brando and Vegas from their respective Champions class. Round and round …. Vegas did it, BOB! Brando got awarded the BOS! Big thank you again to our judge Ludovica Salomon for filling our day with joy and pride.

With hardly a rest to enjoy, we then moved our set up towards the Main ring which gave us at least 4 hours’ time to get a stunning grooming-finish on Madame Vegas. What can I say? She was not amused! Not our day for a Group placing but the competition was fierce. Nevertheless, it was such a success already, that completely elated, it was time to hug and kiss our new friend Anastasia good bye and drove back to my brother’s house in Austria. Saturday again a day to relax for all of us. And the best Austrian early dinner, of course home cooked – “Frittatensuppe”, “Surschnitzel” with green and potato salad made in Austrian style which thankfully came without mayonnaise to kill the taste of it all. Driving home was another disaster due to major delays with highways closed. But we found out nothing matters with 2 World Winners in the car 😊. Vegas and StevieG will travel home when we come over to UK for the BGSC champ shows at the end of October.

Indeed a TRULY International Affair, with participants from the UK, Germany, Russia and Australia, and never to be forgotten memories!

Love to all Silvia & Anja

Vegas, Brando and StevieG


No love at all

But great to finally meet again friends after such a long time

April 2021 sad and good news

Feb 14th, 2021

Koenig – he followed his sister Paris footsteps and … MASTER HUNTER !

Whereof Koenig worked hard me and the boys spend a super day in Gandow together with the BlackMystery Gang. Thank you Cecile for all the great shots of the kids during running the fields.

Lock down still continue in Germany, snow showers and freezing outside … poor boys another grooming day

January 26th, 2021

Finally ! waiting from September 2020 onwards the HD results for StevieG reached us. As the waiting time was extreme under BVA we also send out the xrays to Australia and got the result within 3 days. Vetgen also come back with the CHA.

January 17th – Marlon showed at the Golden Triangle Kennel Club of Mississippi and got his first Major on USA. Thank you Brooke ! and team Munroc to make it possible. Hope so much he can continue and be back home soon again.

After an odyssey of about 8 weeks moving between UK and me – it arrived ! what a beautiful outcome of my order at Mr Ken Jarvis – love that bag.

January 2021

The Our Dogs annual come on the market – Have to thank Mr Ronny Blomme again for his great job done on our advert. Here again for all of you, my friends and visitors of this home page

A new Year with hopefully better news for all of us – WELCOME 2021

November / December 2020

LOCK DOWN :  all restaurants, all shops closed. Only supermarkets are open

No chance to fly out for my December journey to Kentucky to hang out with friends and take care on the catering for the Kentucky walking trials at Munroc Farm.

As times looked dark and sad, I started my Christmas decoration already mid of November to at least have some fun.

Thankfully I got regular visitors to my house and we spend some great weekends together. Cooking, chatting, getting the dogs on special runs. Finally, it was not so bad at all. Yes, I missed travelling during 2020 all planed journeys from March onwards got cancelled, no real big shows. Come on 2021 with better news.

On Dec 28th I finally got a transport for Winston from Germany to our friend Tony in UK. I was hoping so much I can do it myself – no chance, without going into quarantine, 2 weeks on both ends. Winston came from Black Mystery Kennel and he is the 3rd rescue Tony and his family have taken from us. K9 Courier Service UK picked him up from us and we are so very pleased with their service. Thank you again.

Winston, Tony and good old Sam – all involved wish you a great time

Got more lovely news fm BGSC Christmas Online Show – Misty & Hunter won their classes – thank you judges

Dec 5th it got official :

Koenig’s certificate for his Senior Hunter title arrived.

October 2020

As October 1st : my 40th year anniversary in my company – I celebrated myself with bunch of roses and a great lunch later that week with Anja at my favourite Restaurant ‘Zum Dorfkrug’ in Neu Wulmstorf.

The VDH Team of Rostock DID IT !!!! we have been able to run an International Show for our Club on October 4th – yeah. Lovely entry for our judge Wolfgang Eickert. Even some exhibitors decided to stay home. Our Setter ring was outside, no problem for distance at all. Denmark was in log down, but Swedish exhibitors brought the danish dogs with them. Clever arrangements. Thank you Anja to come up to help me in the ring again.

October 11th

My second time as hunt test secretary, bit easier than first event. Nevertheless, the paperwork around it is … WHY have I said yes to help out at the vacant position in the Landesgruppe. I do it for our young dogs !

Great success again and all teams went home with pride.

September 2020

Lucky enough there was a show just a week after Elstorf at Treuenbrietzen, which is south of Berlin. At least a chance for me to show Brando again. First time out with him after we joined Crufts in March. Thanks to our Judge Claudia Pelka for getting him the class win, the CAC and the BOB. Was a great day with a number of friends who have been still allowed to travel from Belgium, Denmark, Poland and UK to this show.

The Gordon National in USA … cancelled ! Anja and myself have had all booking arrangements done with some fun days in NYC … all cancelled

Sept 12th, 2020 – Paris finished her MH

And sweet Brae her Junior Hunter the following week

Sunday September 20th

I was secretary first time ever, responsible for the junior field trials held by our Club. We have had a number of exceptions as most of the spring trials had been cancelled in March & April 2020. Great success for all our young dogs. Again pictures to be found on my FB page, check in Album

And again Uschi made it for a long weekend to come and join me. As we did not know if it would be poss for her to come for our companies Christmas deliveries. My clever friend brought me already the most yummy Austrian Christmas cookies

Rest of the great time was spent …. Shopping as the shops have been still open at this time.

August 2020

USA news on puppies – the Quest litter born on August 22nd, 2020

The Swedish crew of the16 Lilja puppies are ready for their forever homes – great job my friends

I was getting really nervous about the planning of our show for Pointer und Setter on Sunday August 30th at my home village Elstorf. But yes, we fulfilled all rules and regulations due to the Pandemic and the show was a great success for all. Thanks again to my judge Bettina Smith-Horn and my team in and around the ring.

Keith/Locksheath Kennel was coming to Germany with Summer & Autumn to try and collect more tickets towards their Germany title. Autumn got the ticket winning open class and finished with the CAC and BOS. All pictures of the show you can find on my FB page under Albums.

Great teamwork with Keith

July 2020

HURRA Uschi made it on a flight fm Vienna to Hamburg and we have been able to spend some quality time together. Facing the Covid we only got an entry ticket for the miniature Wunderland at 23:00 at night. Was great as it was almost empty there.

On July 11th due to great weather forecast we still held the Setter & Springer Grooming seminar at Gandow. Cecile Ramelli was able to help each of the team players to get another step towards taking care of coat and health.

July 13th brought me some news from USA

Blackjack Sky’s The Limit ‘Sky’ was born. AI after our very first Gordon Setter Hunter. BISS, AmCh, CIB & CIE, DtCh, DtSchCh, CHPl Gordon’s Dream Admire HZP,VGP(1P),ES,FT, out of Yennadon Lady Bird JH (import UK to USA) Good luck baby boy. Hope I can see you soon

News from USA – Libby’s litter is born on July 31st, 2020

June 2020

Locked in, but we still went to work. Our, Rhonda and my long time planned journey to Russia – waterway of the Zars from Moskau to St. Petersburg got cancelled. Hope we can re arrange it in the coming years.

June 2nd – Vito turned 10 ! and his birthday gift was arranged by Mr Ronny Blomme

Celebrating together with his son Brando

Mid month of June I drove out to Anja. First time out for a longer ride since Crufts

And as said in Germany – with surprising her on her Birthday morning – hab ich den Vogel abgeschossen 😊

The BGSC run their first online show and we did well winning 2 of the classes. Thanks for all the goodies which reach us for this.

On 26.06.2020 Lilja in Sweden gave birth to 19 puppies – just like her grandmother Heather up in Scotland in 2012. Linda & Tony where able to raise together with Lilja 16 of them.

April / May 2020

As due to Covid-19 all shows cancelled and we are expected to come into the first lock down. My Container project was finished in time

April 2020 – CORONA  pandemic

All locked down – no travels, no shows, no seeing friends …

I collect some of StevieG’s headshots through the month and having it at the news page I will not lose them.


Where to start …The preparations were already running a few days after the return from Crufts 2019. All of our Gordons already had their tickets for participation in 2020 in January 2019. In September 2019 during my trip to the Gordon Setter National in the USA where Brando accompanied me, the procedure should be fixed. Since Brando, like Vito at his time in USA, stayed with our friend Brooke and her son AJ, it was clear that the two would fly in to join us at Crufts 2020 with Rhonda.  In September I was also allowed to bring our MinPin Gunner  back to Euope to try to get a ticket for him too. His very first show – Manchester Champ Show in January 2020. Junior class, he really exaggerated – junior class 1st and resCC – not just a ticket for 2020 no the studbook no and thus a lifetime ticket.See my Manchester January report.

The excitement started with the first coronavirus cases in Europe . Crufts was not canceled and we were able to start our trip as planned. Mercedes Sprinter extra-long and high was rented. 6 boxes loaded for our candidates and space for 6 people, perfect. Wednesday morning at 06:00 am Amsterdam / Schipohl Airport all flights came in on time.  Rhonda had Fiona (Munroc Caledonia Fiona) in her luggage which was eagerly awaited by Mr. Gerek. However, we first used the help of Leen van Genechten, who looked after Fiona until we returned. My passengers two-legged: Rhonda, Anja, Brooke, AJ and Dorrit who flew in on Thursday, and four-legged: Gunner, Bronte, Misty, Vito, Marlon, Brando. The check in at the tunnel for our paws ran without problems HALLELUJA and the dog run was used extensively. This time we reached our hotel in Stoneleigh during daylight. Thursday then the day of the MinPinscher. After 109 Italian greyhounds finally the MinPins. Gunner got a  placement  in the junior class.

We rushed straight back to the hotel and the madness started. Bathing, blow-dry, finish grooming .. of  4 Gordons, thanks to the USA professional group, everything went smoothly. Diner … a couple of pizzas in the room and we went on. Friday GUN DOG DAY it was this so special time again. Yes and then oh it started again … just great. Thanks to Heike Schulte-Göcking & Katja Dreyer for all the wonderful pictures and the excitement.

Vito and me have been first  in the Veteran Class –  BISS, CIE / CIB, AmCh, DtCh, ChIT, WWVet2028, DtVetCh, NLVetCh, Crufts BOB2012 Ludstar Don Corleone, 1st! of 12, it couldn’t have started nicer.


Minor puppy next, our newcomer: StevieG ‘Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI) (ImpAUS) ‘

Perfectly groomed and as I know pampered by his UK Mum Annette Mappin not only during the times James is at work – big thank you Annette to share our love for him. Highlight of the day his breeder flew in from Australia, what a pleasure to meet Steve and Carolyn personally. What a great journey they had planned and great times ahead for them. Enjoy you stay especially up on Scotland.

Handled by James, StevieG  did another great job, ok both did it,  and there we continued another class win, go go go StevieG

Next in the ring for us Marlon ‘Locksheath Back In Black’ in the strong yearling class, we had agreed that Brooke would show him, I stood speechless at the ring, he too won the class,  1st! from 8.

3 red ribbons on our bench area by then.

Brando ‘BISS, AmCh, DtCh, BeCH, BeJuCh Munroc Beretta’  handled by Brookes son AJ, whom he knew well through his stay in the USA, in the open class VHC (5) from 13.

It went on with the bitches. This is where Vito’s daughter Autumn ‘Locksheath Princess Tiana JW’, Marlon sister started in yearling class and made it/copied  her brother ,  class win 1st out of 8.

Cari, Keith and me could not  be happier and more proud on the day.

Then finally the open class bitches. Here we had Rhonda at the start, handling Misty, CIE, Dtch, ChLux Somerled Islay Mist. 14 !!! Bitches in the class and Misty showed of herself  .. 3rd! we are so proud of our team.

Another Crufts in the books. Shall not forget that I have had to let Bronte go, to meet and travel home on her final leg with Eileen/Somerled Kennel. What a pleasure it was to get her to know and I hope so much that I will be able in the near future to get her back for some time. Would love  to handle her at the shows in Europe. She is such a sweetheart and a BEAUTY ! Thanks Marcella and Eileen to trust me for keeping an eye on her.

We drove back on the Saturday … OH yes Brooke we found your passport J love you girl. This is a story on its own.

The USA Team flew back out from Amsterdam on the Sunday with some extra luggage such as Gunner in the cabin and my sweet Marlon in the hold.  As all shows meanwhile also cancelled  in USA, we will have to wait for news. Maybe some puppies soon …. Heard Seymour did another great job.

Saturday February 22nd, 2020

As Brando was back from USA earlier as we planned – I skipped flying out to the Westminster shows in NYC and entered him for the CAC in Genk. We needed a final ticket towards his Belgium Champion and gave it trial under judge Mr Krol / PL. Thank you Anja for taking care on all my other kids at that time 😊 poor you. Brando did us proud and got Exc 1 CAC and BOB which finished him. So he will be known after confirmation of the Belg KC as : BISS,AmCh,DtCh,ChBE,BEJuCh Munroc Beretta

Sunday January 26th , 2020

Being in the middle of Germany close to the Netherlands gave another chance for a visit at Noble Friends Kennel. Anja and me looked so much forward to see these lovely puppies again they have been 6 weeks when we have been there first and fell in love with red collar girl – hoping so much Marcella will allow her to go to our friends in Scotland. Eileen/Somerled was as nervous about it as we. YES ! all worked out perfect and I was able to arrange all necessary steps so BRONTE could be travelling with us in March when we went to UK  for CRUFTS anyway. Thank you, Marcella it was such a pleasure, to get all things arranged and allow Bronte to go so far away. Bronte ‘Tiffany Rose of the Noble Friends’ is sired by Freddie ‘CH Ludstar Frederik Frankenstein’ and out of Marcellas girl Kenna ‘Ch Queen of Joy from the Noble Friends. See all her details on :

Saturday January 25th, 2020 CAC Dortmund

Anja was running the Setter&Pointer only CAC in Dortmund

Judge : Mr Ronnie Blomme, BE

Weeks ago we made a good  plan for this show. Result of it,  a high quality entry for the show.

Amscot was driving in with pretty Vegas (champion) , Keith Whiting with his Locksheath girls Summer (open) and Autumn (intermediate) – All 3 girls won their class and got tickets for the german Champion. Vegas finished the day with BOB and BIS

I had entered all my 3 boys – Marlon handled again by Keith – not his day at all. Vito went on to win Veteran and best Vet in Breed. Brando won his Champion class and finished with CAC and BOS. PARTY !

Sunday January 19th ,2020 again the MANCHESTER CHAMPION SHOW – GUNDOG DAY

Our judge Mrs Jane Howarth

It was my turn to start in the first class of the day . Minor Puppy dog with StevieG

Entry of 6 in his class. Even knowing he got his Crufts ticket at the Boston show, I got nervous.

StevieG stayed cool, moved great and stacked like a rock (Thank you James) what can I say, we won the class ! Yeah go StevieG

Next in the ring and handled by breeder/coowner Keith was Marlon in post graduate entry 7 (3)

Thank you again Keith for handling our boy – 3rd in the strong class

Last class of boys I went in with Vito, a total 6 in Veteran – Vito got 2nd , winner of the class continued to the dog CC of the day. Congratulations to Amscot ! sweet Vegas got another CC and finished with BOB, the picture I was able to take from her shows the perfect Gordon outline !

Big congratulations to Leen and her 2 English travelling with us. Ch Bournefield Purple Rain for a 2nd in Open class  and Ch Bournefield Lady Letice Bex winning the Bitch Veteran class. Congratulations as well to Sarah Loakes for the CC win with her wiggle worm Goldbirch Wings Of Desire JW


Saturday January 18th, 2020    THE MANCHESTER CHAMPION SHOW  – TOY GROUP

Judge for MinPins :

Mr.  Terence D D B Burgess

What a lovely journey. It started with picking up Leen van Genechten / Bournefield Kennel in Schoten/BE. Since our travelling with 3 pups to NYC 2 years ago and spend holidays there it was another great fun time being out together for some days. Bit nervosity ahead as Mr Gunner the MinPin was on board for his very first show in his life. Just 1 week after his 1st Birthday entered in Junior class. I followed all the instructions of his breeder during the time we met at Christmas and was sure this young man will behave. And man oh man he did ! Susan was happy the way he showed for her ahead of going into the ring with him. So Leen and myself sitting at the ringside watching the breed ahead which where the King Charles Spaniels. Gunner on our laps in his pajamas. We got some suspicious eyes from the breed, just like, look the foreign girls with the pet on their laps. Ringtime ! Minpins ! there were only 2 in Gunner’s class and he showed of himself, gosh I was sitting there holding my breath watching this youngster. OK go back in the ring Mr Gunner for competing against all these cracking MinPins for the dog CC … CC went to the Open class winner and then it happened what I never ever expected in my dreams for him in his first show. He put up his head, showed his best movement and free stack  and earned the resCC. Thank you Susan James for all you did for us and him. Gunner baby we never will forget this moment. Not only getting his Crufts ticket for 2020, he got his stud book number his life time CRUFTS  entry. As he lives most of the time in USA with Rhonda this is for sure a great relieve to bring him into UK from time to time, at least for competing at CRUFTSin the next years. Easy to fly with a dog in the cabin 😊. Love you GunnieGunnie

                   2020 starts with a bang

Boston & District Canine Society show 9/12.January 2020

Puppy – Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

StevieG’s first show and YES his ticket for CRUFTS 2020 in the pocket. Thank you, James this has taken a big pressure from me, knowing that I will be handling him at the Manchester Champ show later the month

As a summery of 2019 – guess this collage made by Mr R Blomme for me says it all. It also includes the Munroc news in USA for 2019

With all this going on  I skipped LKA Champ Show and changed my plans after talking to some friends in UK to spend Christmas there,  with a base in Oxford to make lovely visits and first of all get StevieG to James and there was another puppy, a beautiful relaxed Flat coated called Wispa from Denmark to go to his new family in UK as well. You will have fun with him Charlotte and it was a pleasure to meet you. So let me count who was travelling with me : Brando, Marlon, Gunner, StevieG and Wispa.

A good reason for this timing was as well to visit Gunner’s breeder Susan and let her go over him and give me advise if we can come back in January for the Manchester show. She loved him and gave me some training tips for his handling to make sure he will be well prepared for his very first outing.

Thanks goes to :

Anja & Juergen for pampering Vito during my stay in UK

Mandy & Charlotte for the midnight meeting with Wispa

Annette & James for the very, very early morning coffee and welcoming StevieG

23rd took me first to Birgit’s last resting place at the St George Churchyard in West Grinstead

Cari, Frances, Keith & Dennis for a fantastic lunch break I so much enjoyed my time with you all.

24th thank you Mary & Bert & Rob to welcome me over lunch time it was not easy to take Gunner out your house again.

Susan for welcoming me and Gunner in the afternoon and as earlier explained, it was a great visit.

25th has taken me to my eldest friends in Oxford, Jean & Lorraine, a friendship which started over 30 years ago in Zimbabwe. I spend some of the best times of my life accompanied by them when travelling there, always hosted in Lorraine’s house for weeks and some time for months. Love you !

Reaching Amsterdam early Thursday morning the 12th needed a speedy drive to Hamburg as the big secret was arriving the same day coming in from Australia via Dubai. At 14:00 that afternoon I welcomed StevieG ‘Carnoustie Let the Game Begin’ (AI) bred by Mr S Bennett/Mrs S Auld. His parents are IntCh,It Ch Shannas Journalist x Carnoustie Contrary ToOrdinary. DOB : July 5th, 2019

StevieG is in partnership with Rhonda Cornum, James Newton and myself. He will spend most of his lifetime with James and I hope a get good part of it,  to have him back her in Europe when grown up. It was hard to keep that secret for such a long time. He jumped in my heart with a bang ! So pleased I have had him here to get ready to drive him ‘home’ to James for Christmas. Thank you Steve and Sarah that you have allowed him to travel the world.

The stuff from the weekend was just back in its places – off I went to our 5th Kentucky Walking gundog event held at Munroc Farm from Dec 6th to Sunday the 8th. As in the last 3 years I flew into New York to join my friend Jane deCasteja for being her driving companion for the 2 x 12 hours from Tuxedo down to Paris/KY and back. Another tradition meanwhile : stop enroute at Flying Fish in Morgantown / West Virgina have a fish lunch and get fresh fish to the farm with us for the first evening diner party. This time we more or less drove down in convoy with Suzy DeSilver and spend the lunch break together.

Entries where fantastic ! improvement every year since we hold it at Munroc. I love spending my time now 5 years in a row and meet up with old and new friends throughout these years. My plan to change the menu 2019 did not work .. so it was chicken curry time again. We got to see a number of fantastic Gordons as well as Irish, IRWS, ES and Brittany’s. Congratulation here again to Trena finishing Morris for his Field Champion. Hope to meet you all again in 2020. Back to New York I went with my pretty boy joining to fly home we me.

Fantastic news reached us ! Brando finished his American Champion much quicker than we expected.

As I booked my flights to and from NYC on KLM,  thankfully I was able to get a free space for him to fly back we me after the Kentucky walking trials beg December. HAPPY ME !!! He will be known now as BISS, AmCh, DtCh, BeJuCh Munroc Beretta

Weekend Nov 30th and Dec 1st 2019

Lucky as we where we got Mrs Diane Stewart-Ritchie/IRE to fly in. First she judged our Clubs  Christmas Show, the CAC Rogge-Duensen. We had a good entry for end of the year and I was pleased to see some of our workshop members competing with success. Thank you Diane ! we loved it that you gave after each breed your back up for the decisions taken. Our exhibitors enjoyed it a lot.

Great friends from the Bremer Setter Club have taken Diane over the famous Bremer Christmas Market and did all the driving for me. Thank you here again. While they explored Bremen, I have had to get the area at my office ready for a breed seminar, grooming and handling, kindly held by Diane.

We had 9 teams joining whereof for grooming Gustav (bred by Diane)  was our perfect prepared candidate, no scissors on him since 3 month ! OMG Diane I’m still speechless what you made out of him ! I love grooming and are used to groom my Gordons myself, but what you showed us on the Irish Setter,  I just can hope our Irish Setter friends and owners have taken a lot of it home for their red kids. Biggest thank you to everyone, Diane, our exhibitors, spectators, friends and workshop attendees

It was time again for SHOW TRAINING

Mr James Newton flew in for the weekend 22nd to 24th of November. From offering 1 day for 12 teams we have had to add another half day as we got so many entries. What to say ?  great time for all teams and it was lovely timing as there where more shows ahead in December for most of the attendees. Thank you again to all of you ! some travelling long distances to join us. Brigitte Luedemann thank you as well – best catering on both days. Evenings spend in great company, with loads of fun and laughs, new stories and gossips. Hope we can find a date in 2020 to offer another workshop with James.

November 17th, 2019 CACIB Kortrijk

Judge : Mr Wolfgang Eickert, DE

A European meeting with the Amscot gang / UK was planned a long time ahead. And it was great to be back at the show in Kortrijk again. With flying colors Vegas finished her InternChampion FCI – big congratulations.  My boys did me proud. Marlon winning Intermediate and finished with CAC/CACIB. Vito won Best Veteran.


USA 2019

Oct 7th to Oct 16th, 2019

Leaving Purina Farm we had a week at Munroc again, hunting ground hogs and racoons. Best watching the baby cows.

On Saturday 12th  on my way up to Michigan I drove over to Urbana, Ohio to get Brando, Pixie and Lilly shown.

Kids did very well, whereof Brando went 1st, BOW, BOB nothing in the groups, collected first points for his Am Ch. From there I followed Rhonda to the TarTan FT grounds where she awaited me with the biggggggest smile in her face. Wynn won open derby handled by her.

We than moved over to the National Walking FT grounds in Ionia/Michigan. One word say it all for me : COOKING

Great time spend in the kitchen ! thank you a number of Gordoners for help and Dianne Avery and Ben Levi for always ready for a chat and taking over the worst job, cleaning up the clubhouse after we all left. Was great to see my sweetest Duncan (AmCh,Dtch,ChPL Somerled Glen Rex at Munroc) with Frank Watters and found time to give him, Duncan a great grooming before he was allowed to meet the owner of his possible fiancé 😊

As there is always a plan … from Ionia I had a free day to reach my flight back home from Detroit together with …. BREXIT ! Gunner the MinPin joined me in the cabin. Check in and flight was just perfect. Thank you KLM ! Gunner to stay home with me till Crufts and we all had great hopes he is getting a ticket for enter him. More later on this project.

Saturday Sept 28th to Oct 6th, 2019

Brando and me flying out from Amsterdam to Atlanta, as always in the last years using KLM. This time big troubles at the check in, new rules ! box has to have a metal door ! they did not accept my LUFTHANSA box which they where flying around a least 10 times before. OK there is an KLM shop in the basement, so another crate shopped an Brando finally check in.

Quiet flight till we where ahead of Atlanta … the airport closed due to bad weather conditions. KLM plan running short of fuel, so the pilot decided to go and fill up at Knoxville and wait for news from Atlanta. My poor boy in the hold some extra 3 hours on the plan, as after we got some fuel Atlanta opened again and we flew back. Till I got my car and ready to drive out from Atlanta it was midnight .. it was planned by than I will be in Murfreesboro. I made it till around Chattanooga and found a Hotel for me and Brando. Good news was that we have had to be in the ring only by 13:00 on the Sunday at the Murfreesboro shows. Short night and we reached the showground early enough that Cheryl Mika could get the final US touch on Brando. Ring time and of he went … 1st and BOB. He was also entered in NOH and the judge was full of compliments for him and we got a group 2. His very first show in the states, sure it was his great great grand Dads Karma! Hunter got his first Major 2005 at the same show. Thank you Cheryl and AJ for making him looking a US show dog. Of we went on cloud 9 toward Paris/Kentucky to spend some days at Munroc Farm and continue from there to the GSCA National held at Purina Farms from Oct 3rd till Sunday the 6th.

Rhonda followed with her big trailer and with  all the dogs entered at the National and also the following hunt tests further up north in Michigan. We had entered 5 Gordons and did quiet well. Was so pleased that Diane allowed us to take Destiny (Veteran) and sweet many Sissi (BOB) with us to the show.

This is getting a long story .. Short cut ! we had fun ! we loved meeting up with so many  old and new friends. Chatted a lot and listen to gossips.

Brando – showed of himself in breed by class ! we got a third ! I’m so proud of this young man.

While I was showing Brando my young boy Marlon was handled by his breeder in UK at the

BGSC Champion Club show. Judge Mrs. Esther Joseph /Australia. Marlon first time in Post graduate, I was in tears when the message came in .. he won the class. Thank you Keith ! and thank you the great photos I got later on of his day. Big thank you to the judge as well.

Weekend Sept 14/15th, 2019

Keith,  welcomed Marlon home in Fareham/UK during the time I was flying out to USA later in the month. Thank you Cari & Keith so much again for all you have done for him and of course for me.

Sunday September 9th, 2019

I was on my way to the Belgium Club Show in Wommelgem

Stopped over at Anja’s to take Misty with me as well. So me and 4 Gordons rolling again.

Judge: Mrs Sheila Huges/UK

Vito in Veteran an Exc2 it was not his day

Marlon showed well and got Exc1 and Junior BOB

Brando getting more and more grown up, Exc1 and another CAC in Belgium

Misty thought: my Mum loves ribbons ! Exc1, best Bitch, CAC

My drive home was overshadowed by an evil assumption which nearly spoiled a friendship.

September 1st, 2019

I was running for my Club Pointer & Setter e.V. the local CAC show at Elstorf/Germany

We had invoted 2 judges Mrs. Susy Roffey/UK and Mrs. Malgorzata Supronowicz/PL

For both ladies it was their first time judging in Germany. We had a lovely entry and a number of happy exhibitors driving out. Weather was fantastic little overcast, 5 min some raindrops, perfect for our Setters and pointers. Thank you to my judges, ringhelpers and exhibitors.

CAC/CACIB Mechelen / Belgium

17.08.2019 Judge : Mr W Hochstenbach exc 1 CAC/CACIB BOB and finished with GROUP III

18.08.2019 Judge : Mrs C. Pil – ex 1 CAC/CACIB BOB

What a lovely weekend to earn 2 more tickets toward his Belgium Champion


Judge Mrs Annette Mappin

Another great weekend for our Gordon gang

Junior Dog : Marlon – Locksheath Back in Black  2nd

Limit Dog : Brando – Munroc Beretta YEAH he won the strong Limit class which also gave him his studbook number ! Crufts life time entry

Veteran : Vito – Ludstar Don Corleone got 2nd

PG Bitch : Avie – Munroc Honkey Donk Girl got 4th Res.

Open bitch: Misty – Somerled Islay Mist finished our day with a VHC (5th)

CAC HUDE 04.08.2019

Judge Mr. Jean Pierre Achtergael

Was a first time that the VDH-Weser Ems held a show at this agricultural exhibition grounds ! it was just great – loved it.  Only Brando was entered trying to get his final ticket for the german Champion

He did it ! pending VDH confirmation he will be known as BISS, DtCh, BeJuCh Munroc Beretta. Our plans for him travelling with me to USA later the year came to a confirmation as well.

Thank you to my friends fm the ringside helping to show him for me. He finished his day with

Exc1 AnwVDH, CAC and BOB

LEEDS Championship show – July 28th, 2019

Judge Mr. Richard Bott

I showed the boys in 2018 at the German Bundessieger under Richard. But it makes a big difference to show your Gordons in UK. This was my main reason to enter a 2nd time and sure hoping for good results again. Which happened

Junior dog – Marlon Locksheath Back in Black 2nd

PG dog – Brando Munroc Beretta a respectable 2nd as well

Veteran – Vito Ludstar Don Corleone 1st with another lovely critique fm the judge.

Open bitch – Misty Somerled Islay Mist VHC

July 13th 2019 – Britse Staandehonden Show in Appeldorn/NL

What a day – great results – flying home the big cloud

thank you GSVN for another great, well organized show. Thank you  to our judges

Gordon Setter & BIS Veteran  Mrs J. Bennett (UK-Jesham) and

English Setter & BIS Junior judge Mrs V, Watkin (UK-Valsett)
our results could not have been better :
Marlon – Locksheath Back in Black

Junior Class Exc1, Best Junior and OMG BIS Junior 2019
Brando – BISS, BeJuCh Munroc Beretta

Open Class Exc1, Dog CAC and BOB
Vito – BISS,CIB,AMCh,DtCh,ChIt,NLVetCh,WW2018 VetBOB, 1 CC&3resCC Ludstar Don Corleone Veteran Class Exc1 Best Veteran, BIS Veteran
Avie – Munroc Honkey Tonk Girl

open class Exc1 resCAC
Misty – DtCh,ChLux,ChPL Somerled Isaly Mist

Champion class Exc3

June 22nd 2019 – Blackpool Champion Ship Show

Our Judge : Mrs Patsy Hollings

Day started missing the Junior class with Marlon – sorry my boy

Brando – BISS,BeJuCh Munroc Beretta a lovely 2nd in Post Graduate

Vito – BISS,CIB,AMCh,DtCh,ChIt,NLVetCh,WW2018 VetBOB, 1 CC&3resCC Ludstar Don Corleone

won Veteran class and went best Veteran.

As I needed a good stacking picture of Brando – thank you Keith W. a stunning picture of Brando reached me during the night.  Driving home I take my time and stopped over in Oxford again. Hugs to Lorraine and Mum. See you soon.

Weekend 14th to Monday 17th of June

Oh man what a great time ! James Newton came in to hold 2 handling workshops for us.

Day 1 the Setter & Pointer and day 2 a kennel meeting organized by Ulf B./ vom Belauer See

Field & English Springer Spaniels. To start all these James and me went to see Phil Collins in Hannover, lucky me got some great tickets the week before. Sure all of James ‘students’ went home with some good advises and new tricks. We are already getting very positive reports.

The same weekend on June 16th, 2019 one of my favorite girls in USA finished her AmCh !

Sylvanus Athena At Munroc. Congratulations all involved. Still think with a big smile handling her at the GSCA National 2 years ago in Frankenmuth. Well done Athena.

A long Holiday weekend for ‘White Sunday/Monday’ I was invited to come and present  our breed at the british days held at castle Remmeringhausen. 2 days with sooo many people interested in our breeds. As it was the first time we got invited we had 7 Irish Setter and 4 Gordons with us. Brando Mr Mischief broke the leash jumped in the pond and found the ducks of another exhibitor … ducks rushed into the pond and where just better swimmer than him. Thankfully all, dog & ducks came back into there places without being harmed too much, at least the dam Gordon smiled over his innocent face.

04.06.2019 Gunner on his final leg now to go and see his MinPin friends in Kentucky

Thanks Rhonda for coming to pick him up and spend some time with us here. So much appreciate




Thank you again Ludo and Michele to let him come to my house

CACIB Neumünster 25.05.2019

As it was planned Rhonda is here this weekend  … I entered all the boys

Thank you so much Beate E. to come and visit me that weekend and help me a the ringside

Our results under judge Mrs. Elena Kuleshova/Ru – thank you again

Vito – Ludstar Don Corleone : Vet class Exc 1 AnwDtVetCh, & 3rd in all breed Vet group

Wayne – DtCh Munroc John Wayne At Shaker Hill : Ch Class Exc 1 AnwVDH, resCACIB

Brando – BeJuCh Munroc Beretta : open class Exc1 AnwVDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB

When asking the judge why Brando won against his father … loved her answer : both deserve to be seen at the main ring again. Brando was later short listed in Group 7 under judge         Mr. Linneweber. Great weekend thank you again Beate for your company


Munroc Lybers to Paris known as Libby finished her AmCh on May 19th 2019 at the Marietta shows in Ohio

Her picture hereunder could be the 1:1 copy of the Champ pic of her mother Belle

We are over the moon with this


Judge : Mr Sjoerd Jobse/SE

Vito in Veteran Class – Exc1 AnwDtVetCh, VetBOB, short listed in Vet Group

Brando in open Class – Exc 1 AnwDtCh, resCACIB (wouwww was so happy)

USA again … the Perry shows around Atlanta mid of April, official papers arrived May 9th

Fiona – now know as AmCh Munroc Caledonia Fiona won 3 of the 5 entries (she missed one due to traffic) finishing her AmCh in a heartbeat.

Diane went out with Sissi – Munroc Mercury Mansart At Shaker Hill to show under

Mr Frank Kane/UK at the Bucks County Kennel Club. Yeah could not be more happy

Sissi went WB over Specials … sorry no pic taken at the show ground

Mid of April more things on my to do list …. BREXIT NO DEAL or better known as Gunner

Was decided to come and stay with me till Rhonda find time and pick him. His size can always be flown as cabin dog so no hustle to prepare a smooth transport

I never would have dreamed that I fall in love again … meet MinPinscher

Gunner – Jaegerson Son Of A Gun

No he is not a Gordon Setter even so he behaved like being the size

of a Great Dane. Thank you Susan to let him go so far ! we come back 😊

GSA Champ Show at Stoneleigh Park April 13th 2019

Judge for male – Mr Ivaldi/It

I went with only one of the boys – Brando – BeJuCh Munroc Beretta

Entry in Post graduate 11 – so proud of him ! He won the class and moved better than ever

March 31st , 2019

Marlon – Locksheath Back in Black OMG where did this year disappear

Happy 1st Birthday sweetheart

December 2018

We are awaiting Nikki to fly into Europe just ahead of Crufts

She is out of the König x Athena litter 3/5 born on Nov 3rd, 2018

We are sure she will fit perfectly into her new home. Can’t wait to meet

all of you again.

Taken me now the 5th year in a row to Paris/Kentucky. Love my chores which is taking care of the cooking and make sure all competitors feel a little bit pampered by the working field trail committee. What a success this year was. 28 Gordons on day one entered and topped by the entries the next 2 days of 70 pointing dogs. Our gang has made some great runs and Seymour finished with a Major. Congratulations again to all the other winners and placements.

November 2018

The Dortmund show weekend is always a good chance to meet a lot of Setter people around the rings and have the gossips of the past year. The plan as usual have been done long time in advance. WW 2018 Vegas stayed with me already to try to get her first ticket for the german champion ship and maybe add a CACIB or 2 for her CIE. The plan worked perfectly

Nov 16th 2018 Day 1 : Herbstsieger judge Dr K Schmidt/DE

Marlon very promising 1 in puppy

Vegas Exc1 AnwDtChVDH, resCAC, resCACIB

Nov 17th, 2018 Day 2 : ok we are crazy .. we went to Kortrijk/BE, judge : Mrs Susan Stone/CH

First of all we meet up with Jean, Godfrey and sweet Raina to show all our kids under Susan

Marlon very promising 1 in puppy

Brando Exc 1 in open class

Vito Exc1 in Veteran resCACIB

Vegas in Intermediate Exc1 CAC CACIB & BOB

Raina in Champion Exc1 resCAC, resCACIB

Nov 18th, 2018 Day 3 : we went back to Dortmund for the Bundessieger, judge . Mr Richard Bott / GB

The weekend could not end better

Marlon very promising 1 in puppy

We celebrated together with friends from Belgium, thanks Ronny !  the Netherlands, Ireland and UK the 3rd CC of Raina from the weekend before,  gaining her UK title

Brando Exc 2 with 1 Ticket AnwDtChVDH in open class

Vito Platz 1 in Veteran, best Veteran and  finishing his day with BOB and shortlisted in the group

Vegas out of intermediate  Exc1 AnwDtChVDH (2 Tickets) CAC, CACIB and BOS

Now after this power weekend Vegas WW2018 Amscot Love Is In The Air JW has a total of 3 CACIB in NL, BE & DE and 3 Tickets for her German Championship – way to go sunshine. Congratulations to Amscot for all your success in 2018. As in between Pointer&Setter and the Dortmund shows Raina finished her UK Championship.

As said above the plan worked.

Setter & Pointer Nov 3rd 2018

Judge Mrs Elaine Roberts

Marlon 2nd in minor puppy

Brando 3rd in post graduate

Vito 2nd in Veteran


Spending a fantastic time out in USA little sightseeing in NYC followed by the

1st GSCA National Walking Gun Dog Championship in Dover/Delaware held on Oct 22nd & 23rd, 2018

What to say … great dogs all around, great Gordon owners, handlers and fanciers. Glad I was able to be there even so again I spend most of the time in the kitchen. Oh man, all these allergies nowadays

The BGSC champ show held on Oct 13th 2018

Judges : Mrs Carol Moore for dogs, Mr Frank Kane for bitches

a great day all in all ending with a very sad phone call in the evening.

Marlon 3rd in minor puppy

Brando reserve in yearling

Vito 2nd in Veteran, felt so sorry he was not called back when the Vet winner got the CC

Handling Raina for 2nd in open and the star of the day again was Miss Vegas gaining her 2nd CC

Starting celebrating at our Hotel in Stoneleigh we got the horrible news of the sudden death of our friend Petra Rudloff. She run so many shows in Germany for the Verein für Pointer and Setter as well always gave a helping hand to the VDH if needed. Petra we still can’t believe what happened.  R.I.P. you are missed by so many.


As I was running the 2 days show in Bremen we had a least a chance to rush out to Belgium for the Belgium Gordon Setter Club Show held in Wommelgem on Sept 1

6th,2018. Judge : Mrs C Pelka / DE

Marlon his first show in puppy got VP2

Brando won intermediate class and finished with the resCAC

Thank you BeGSC for a lovely day out.


Amsterdam … the World Dog Show 2018 .. showing over 3 days in a row. Had taken the girl gang from Amscot home with me after National Gundog to get them ready for the WDS weekend. Rhonda was flying in from USA to help me with grooming of the gang. Entries where booked long ahead, Hotel reservations done, flights for Rhonda and Cheryl sorted, Jean and Godfrey booked in as well in AMS and the drive home for the girls organized. YES the beautiful so much missed rosette won by Vegas from National gundog was a found in the very first folding crate I opened up 😊 sorry James taking all the blame on your shoulders for quiet a time.

Now Lets compare the 3 days in a short way

Brando – he won his intermediate class each day with Exc 1

Vito – he won Veteran Class every day and got 2 x Best Veteran of breed as well as Veteran World winner and his NL Veteran Champion title.

Sissi got 2 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd in a very strong intermediate class shown first time on international showgrounds. She was flying home to USA with Cheryl the day after the shows.

OMG and now Vegas again : she won intermediate class all 3 days BUT on day 3 at the WDS under Mr. Wil Hochstenbach she topped it all …World Winner 2018 CAC, CACIB and BOB

Raina 2 seconds and the class winner on day 2

Let me use Rhondas notice on the girls :

We had the privilege to groom both of Jean Collins’ bitches Raina (CIE/FCI,DtCh Storskogens Amor Joy Of Amscot) and her daughter, Vegas (Amscot Love Is In The Air JW), before and during the show.  Silvia showed Raina all three days. And while she won the champion class 1 of three days, it was Vegas who was the star, going BOB over 68 at the actual World Dog Show. The judges commented “she is perfectly balanced, and not extreme, in any way”. What a complement!

 I might add that both Raina and Vegas were represented in field trials all spring, and will be again for the fall season. 

LEEDS July 28th 2018 judge Mrs K Wrigley

Thank you for a nice day even so the weather was just horrible the rain showers and upcoming wind are quiet scary.

Brando got VHC in graduate

Vito went best Veteran in Breed

AUSTRIA the Setter Derby was on our list again in 2018

It is always a chance to see my family for some hours and get food goodies with me.

Our judge this year : Mrs Karen Marsh

I gave the little man a first outing Marlon – Locksheath Back in Black ( Vito x Summer) ahh he did well

Finishing his day not only fast asleep in his crate but with Best Baby in Show – Thank you Karen

Brando Exc 1 with CACA out of Intermediate class

Vito won best Veteran in breed and ended with 2nd best Veteran in Show behind the BIS winner of the day.

Willow 2nd in Veteran

Sissi hurrra so happy!  shown first time by me winning the intermediate class.

Avie  2nd in a very strong open class

Misty 3rd in Champion

What a great weekend we had. Thank you to the Österr Setter Club for again a fantastic organized show. Even it is 1100 km one way we come back for sure.

JUNE 2018

Border Union on June 17th 2018, judge Mrs J Dixon

Vito won his Veteran class

Brando 3rd in Graduate

Three Counties Ch Show on June 10th 2018, judge Mrs S. Woodhouse

Brando not in the cards. Vito 3rd in Veteran

MAY 2018

Champion Ship Club Match Gordon Setter Vereiniging / NL on 26.05.2018

Judge Mrs C Smith

Little Marlon got a sniff of the showground

Brando Exc 2 in intermediate class

Vito Exc 1 in working gundog with resCAC

Willow won best vet in breed and 2nd best vet in group match

Avie won open class

Misty 3rd in Champion

Europasieger 2018 Dortmund May 12th 2018

Judges :

Mrs Jean Collins-Pitman GS

Mrs Alenka Pokorn for IS, IRWS, ES and Pointer

Anja was the Sonderleiter for the Club and myself the ring secretary  for Jean

Good entries, some lovely dogs  and a great weekend with friends.

The Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show on May 20th 2018

A chance to visit crossing the tunnel the Vito’s litter at the Whitings home. You might know what happened .. decision taken and Marlon got new owners. In partnership with Keith Whiting he will join into my home in Germany soon. The next chance was to finally get to see Jean & Godfrey in their new home in Edmundsbyers on the way back. Showing under Mr C Mackay went well for Vito – he won his Veteran class.

Brando not in the cards. Handling Raina for Amscot gave her another resCC.

CAC Bestensee May 5th 2018 judge Mrs C Pelka/DE

Taken the youngsters and got smashed

Both shown in intermediate class – winning the class

Sissi finished with resCAC

Brando I was really flying home .. exc1 CAC BOB and finished with BIS

Shown Wayne after a long time he won Champion class and got the resCAC

CACIB Lingen April 29th, 2018 judge : Silke Lohkamp-Sommer

Brando got 2nd in his intermediate class and finished with resCAC, resCACIB

Sissi joining us got a 2nd in her class as well

Jugendsuche LG Westfalen on 21st of April

APRIL 2018

YES I’m happy handling Sissi she did it !  so we have a great time here with her preparing

For her to join back into her USA family after the WDS in August

Gordon Setter Association Champ Show help April 14th, 2018 Dog Judge Mrs S Tye

A day to remember .. I had a fall in the ring at the late afternoon running Vito in the BVIS competition

We lost it, including some my front teeth. More scares in my face and a big dentist work and money ahead.

Vito won his Veteran class

Brando got reserve in Junior (which is not listed in the result list of the GSA homepage)

Even with all the wounds in my face the party after the show was hilarious – WHO WENT BIS

And more drinks where spilled down throats mamamia what a night. Thank you to all who came up to me to help clearing and cooling my injuries.

March 18th 2018 CAC Wegberg under judge Mrs S Brophy / IRL

Anja was was so kind to show Brando for me in junior class  – he finished

His day with Exc1 AnwDtJuCh, Landesjugendsieger, Best Junior

Thank you Sue and Anja

02 crufts 2018 girls


With heavy heart we have to report the sad news of Patrick’s passing on Saturday March 10th, 2018. He fought a long time but had no chance against this cancer beast.

We spend a wonderful weekend in UK meeting old friends in Oxford and Evesham. Thank you Lorraine & Mum Jean, Mary, Bert & Rob Dyde. It is as always so good to see you and share our gossips. Gundog day was a blast as always so much love that crazy atmosphere. Sorry Jean ! but finally I found people for the Chardonnay so it was not waste to carry him in. An early start for us as Vito was in the first class of the day, Veterans and the day started with winning the class. So much love this boy, thank you to all the compliments he got. I loved to collect the hugs from so many of you. A short breath and than it was young Brando’s turn in junior class – he behaved himself and we went home with a blue rosette 2nd place. Later Vito earned best Veteran in breed. The girls did us proud and showed so well. Now let the pictures speak. More pictures you can find on my Facebook page


Saturday March 3rd, 2018

Entered little sweetheart Brando in Belgium – Thank you Leen and the Bournefield gang for an always great company and we never will lose weight with all the goodies you offer. That young feller was unbelievable in the breed ring still a bit overdone, he went first in the main ring with all the other junior winners of the day, guess we had a group of 40 junior all breeds in the ring. Wouw he got shortlisted under the last 8. Later the day gaining as well the BOB we went back to the main ring for the Group 7 competition. Having a 16-month-old boy I did not expect anything. Suddenly we made the cut and MAMAMIA he got the Group 2 placement. Thanks to honorable judge Mr Krol/PL.

02 march 2018 Genk

January 2018

A training day with Mr James Newton on Jan 27th, 2018

Thank you James !!! as you can read above it made us a much better team!

Still thinking how we can organize to have you here with us for a handling workshop.

We so much enjoyed our day and so pleased to see Setter people around as can find all about James on Facebook.

Manchester Champion Show Jan 21st, 2018

A good training for the crew to get prepared for Crufts after the Christmas time.

Brando’s result gave him already the ticket for Crufts 2019. Vito showed well and got a 2nd in Veteran for first time competing in that class. Mrs Jean Collins-Pitman entrusted me with handling lovely Raina for the first time in UK. Meanwhile I start to believe the rumors she

loves me. We went out the ring with 2nd in open class and finished the day with another resCC for her.

02Jan 2018 Manchester

CACIB Nuernberg Jan 14th, 2018

I’ve taken the ride down to Nuernberg when I found out that Vito whom I rarely show in Germany is short of 1 ticket only for his DtCh(VDH). So, we tried our chances and it worked.

Vito finished the day with Exc1 AnwVDH, CAC/CACIB, BOB and a group 2. Our judge Mrs Alenka Pokorn had a lot of kind words on young Brando’s movement and he got as well his junior ticket and the junior BOB. Thank you Alenka and it was good to see so many people from that area whom we do not meet too often due to the distances. A lovely day.

02.coll Brando
02 group 7

Paris/Kentucky Dec 8-10th, 2017

Another walking gundog trial for Gordon Setter and all breed at Rhonda’s farm. We got a lot of new people in and it was just so good to see all these beautiful talented dogs in the fields.

For me as well the big chance every year to hug and kiss the gang hanging out with Rhonda.

A lot of new plans for 2018 where on the table and finally we will see the results during the coming month. Sure all people enjoyed the stay even so the weather was not too kind but we all managed to survive.


Eurodogshow Kortrijk / Belgium Nov 19th, 2017

Planned this show venue for some good reasons, the honorable breed judge Mrs Diane Stewart-Ritchie and it was on the way to drive to UK taking Raina home after her stay to finish her European titles DtCh(VDH) and the famous intern Champion CIE (FCI). Which again she deserved in the first shows we went earlier before the WDS in Leipzig. Let’s come back to Kortrijk. A lovely entry in Gordons and wouw all my team players won their classes and got their tickets. Finally, I even needed help in the breed ring for the BOB as Raina has had to compete against Vito. Thank you, Stephano, to handle Vito for me. The BOB went to Raina and we girls moved forward to the main ring. Group 7 got called in and we tried to show her beautiful movement. Group judge Mr Achtergael/BE gave us the best chance of the day and yes my crazy girl made it ! She won the group! After winning the French National in 2016 guess this was our next biggest win in Europe. Thank you, Jean, to allow her to stay we me from time to time. Can’t wait to see her again soon.

02 Nov 2017 Kortrijk

Hot news coming in from Ohio

Cameron – AmCh Munroc Be Careful Whom You Love adding JH to her name. Cameron finished yesterday at the trual in Ohio. Congratulations to team Cameron


November 2017

Congratulations Truemans kids out of AmCh, PlCh Munroc Celtic Rowan

on their 1st Brithday DOB Nov 13th, 2016

0 true1 ready

Nov 12th, 2017 – Hurra, wouwww and big congratulations to Lesley and Woody

ResCC in Scotland

woody resCC

GERMAN WINNER & WDS in Leipzig/Germany Nov 8/9th 2017

We welcomed our visitors from UK and spend for sure some great days in Leipzig

Brando – Munroc Beretta placed both days (2nd & 4th)

Misty – Somerled Islay Mist winning Champion Class at German Winner

Raina – Storkogens Amor Joy Of Amscot resCACIB at German Winner which finished her German champion ship (pending VDH conf.) thank you judge Mrs Silke Lohkamp-Sommer

0 collage

2 x CACIB Herning/DK weekend Nov. 4/5th

If you think you have seen all in the show world .. no way 😊

I take it as a final training round for Brando who at least got exc in Junior class. Excuses as you only can hunt with a Gordon that has no coat was one of the funny things to hear.

It was so cute to meet sweet little Lilja and her owners – thanks for coming.

0 Raina DK

CACIB Leuven Oct 28th, 2017

The first chance for lovely Raina – Storskogens Amor Joy Of Amscot to finish her C.I.E.

And yes ! thanks to our judge Mr A. Kulesa/LT for awarding the CACIB and BOB to her.

Brando finished with best Junior and got short listed in the big group.

0 cacib Leuven

October 20/21/22, 2017

Weekend to remember for sure.

Oct 22nd, 2017

South of England Gundog Club Open Show our judge Mr David Alcorn

As it was on the way home and the notice for the show come up in time we decided to give it a go. Thank you David to award the BOB to Vito AmCh, CIB, ItCh, BISS Ludstar Don Corleone. Vito was definitely in show mode

0 vito BOB

Oct 21st, 2017

BGSC 90th Anniversary Champion show with an entry of 146 Gordons

Judges – bitches : Mrs Chris Lomas   dogs: Mr Dr Ron W. James

Some great results for the boys, the Ladies Misty (10 entries) & Avie (12 entries) this time not in the cards.

Munroc Beretta aka Brando first time in Junior class (8 entries) aged 1 year 1 day and still not keeping his paws on the ground got a 3rd thank you to the judge

AmCh, CIB, ItCh, BISS Ludstar Don Corleone aka Vito 2nd in open class, continued for resCC and finished the day with resBIS beaten in class, CC and BIS by his half brother ShCh Ludstar Frederik Frankenstein handled perfectly by Frances Boxal for the Ludstar Kennel.

Congratulations to all the winners of the day and thank you to our judges making that day so special. We finished with a lovely diner and some drinks. The party ended with getting Raina in my car to come home with me to try and get her final point for CIE and the german Champion. Shows booked and we look forward the ring sides. She walked into my house and made the boys crazy as the Queen she is.

0 vito BGSC

Oct 20th, 2017

My poor youngster Brando spending his 1st birthday more or less in the car driving from 04:00 till 21:00 (closer on M40) to reach the Hotel close to the showground. A happy birthday here to all his siblings.

0 Brando

October 3rd to to 8th, 2017

American Gordon Setter Club National & gundog/field trials at Frankenmuth/MI

We showed 4 of the kids and all got placements. Whereoff sweet Cameron got as well another leg toward her JH at the trial. It was so good to meet up with old and new friends and enjoy the Bavarian Atmosphere in Michigan. Please forget the food at the Bavarian Inn.

All pictures Anja and me have taken are up at my Facebook page. Log in there and enjoy.

Here some of my favorite pics put to collages for each of our paws travelling with us.

0 Athena
0 cameron
0 Desi
0 Seymour

Kentucky beg Oct 2017

The craziness begins again for the next Gordon National held in Frankenmuth. Ab little bit strange for

Germans to spend the nights in Bavarian Inn

We started grooming with Destiny – pleased to be able to show her for Diane in Vet Sweeps and Vet class


As Diane brought Destiny today she was accompanied by Brando’s Mum Izzie and her last tropies finishing American GCH

coll Izzie

And as little Penelli is here as well we where able to make a 3 generation picture of the girls


Richmond  Champion Show Sept 10th 2017

Judge Mrs. Jean Lanning (Clausentum) UK

Rough journey back and forth but worth to be there, hanging out with friends and driving home with lovely results

Brando – Munroc Beretta 1st in puppy dog

Vito – CIB, AMCh, ITCh Crufts BOB 2012 Ludstar Don Corleone 2nd in open to finish with another resCC

Thanks to the judge Mrs Lanning for the kind words

coll vito

August 15th, 2017

The day she died. She went without pain and will be welcomed by the family members

Run free beautiful Amber. We are blessed with all your beautiful offspring meanwhile even with

your great grandchildren and good to know you spend your last day with little Quest a final time for you exploring Munroc Farm.

Ever in our hearts

Amber RIB

August 2017 started with

one of the shows I try to make every year.

National Gundog held at the Three Counties showground in beautiful Malvern.
Loveliest weather conditions this year with sunshine light wind and some clouds

made a perfect show day.

Judge this year was Mr Peter Sandiford / Hernwood

Anja and I showed Brando, Vito, Avie and Misty

Entry was 101 dogs in 141 entries – our results shown on the collage.

Avie was the only one without a ticket for Crufts 2018 – now she got it ! a 3rd in a strong post graduate class brought it.

0 collcCH

August 2017

Kennel Club Mailage arrived at Munroc/USA  and Alveslohe/Germany
Proudly present again our family new Champions


Weekend July 22/23rd 2017

Misty showed both days at Liege Belgium with first chance to finish IntCh CIE of FCI due to the time limit of 1 year1day

And yes shed did it pending FCI confirmation. She succed both days with CACIB BOS and got another CRUFTS Ticket

And yeah Anja checked and found that with winning both days she also finished her Belgium Championship

So asap the confirmation from the Kennel Clubs coming back she will sign her papers as

CIE, DtCh, ChLux, ChBE Somerled Islay Mist

coll misty liege

July 23rd 2017 can not believe the Captain x Willow litter *Johnny Cash litter* turns 3 years

Happy Birthday to all of Burns siblings

Burns 3years

July 8th / 9th 2017 – Kentucky / Ohio reports from the Huntington Kennel Club shows


9th – Koenig was Best of winners, 3 point major!

Cameron was winners bitch, that finished her!

Isabel, Best Opposite- 4 points towards grand.

Rhonda said :   I am tired

Koenig = Munroc Bourbon King ( Ch Tartana Duncan Sinclair Of Phyfe JH x Munroc  Lybster To Paris

Cameron = AmCh Munroc Careful Who You Love (Munroc Flying Dutchman x AmCh,CIE, DtCh Munroc Celtic Willow)

Isabel = AmCh Munroc Isabel At Shaker Hill (DC Gordon Hill Ready Or Not RN CGC x AmGCH Munroc Destination Success OA NAJ)

8th – Athena was BOW for her 1st Major

Athena = Sylvanus Athena At Munroc  (AmCh Munroc  Amber Sky x AmCh Tartana’sPorci Creek Kestrel JH)

Congratulations here again to Rhonda, Cindy, Diane & Jean


Also coming in over the weekend was Millie’s picture after her 2nd Major

Well done sweet girl – go for the crown

Millie Major June 2017 worked

MiLLIE- Somerled Gigha has won her second major at The Minnesota Kennel Club

Link to the results is here–